Foreigners dominate tourist arrivals in Boracay

Getting to Boracay Island

KALIBO, Aklan, Nov. 30 (PIA) — More foreign tourists arrive in Boracay than domestic visitors.

In his monthly report on the provincial government’s activities and accomplishments for the month aired over a local radio station here, Aklan Governor Carlito S. Marquez relayed that 52.7% of visitor arrivals in Boracay were foreigners, based on the recorded 60,000 total arrivals from November 1-27 of this year.

The biggest number of these foreign visitors, according to Marquez, is composed of Chinese nationals from mainland China, whose number keeps on increasing due to more flights landing directly at Kalibo International Airport (KIA).

“The Chinese nationals also knew no other beach destination except Boracay, thus their big number visiting the island,” Marquez said.

Boracay’s fame among the Chinese, the governor added, was due to the visit to Aklan of China’s Minister of Information in 2004, as well as the visit to China of some legislative officials who brought with them brochures featuring the island.

Website posts about the island, adjudged as one of the best destinations in the world, were also seen as contributing factors to Boracay’s popularity among foreigners.

From January to November 27 of this year, Marquez said a total of 811,652 arrivals had been listed by the province, compared with 713,000 in 2010 for the same period.

Marquez expressed optimism that the 2011 arrivals could reach 900,000 and at the same time becoming bullish on arrivals of both foreign and local visitors hitting the 1,000,000 mark next year.

The governor said the figure cited for the period does not include entries of visitors passing Tabon Point, another alternative entry point to Boracay during the “habagat” season, who were not registered, thus the possibility that there could be more arrivals than what were listed.

The province is also counting on the full implementation of the Unified Ticketing System at the Caticlan Jetty Port and later at the Cagban Jetty in Boracay that would accurately record actual arrivals in the island.

The full implementation of this system, according to the governor, will be a big help in realizing the 1,000,000 tourist arrival target for the island in 2012. (JSC/VGV-PIA 6 Aklan)

by Venus G. Villanueva