Boracay Hotels

Boracay Hotels

There are an abundance of resorts on the island and this is also true with Boracay hotels. Although most hotels are more synonymous with cities and urban settings, the hotels on Boracay are more like a resort than a hotel. With a large mix of about 80 Boracay hotels from budget to luxury there is a hotel with just the right of option to suit your needs.

The majority of hotels on Boracay are in or near White beach, the most popular beach on the island. You are spoiled as this where most of the great restaurants and bars reside. With that in mind a hotel choice might be exactly what are you looking for.

Find your Boracay Hotel below:

Top Boracay Hotels

Top Boracay HotelsIn our opinion most of the Boracay hotels we list on this site are amazing in their own special way. But if we had to choose the best in each class then we choose these ones. We looked for something that made these Boracay Hotels stand out from the rest.

It may be the hotel has a great location on or across the road from the many spectacular beaches, it could be the superior service with attentive staff, the amazing facilities and amenities or simply just a great value room rate. Whatever it is you surely cannot go wrong with these truly amazing Boracay Hotels, that for sure. Find out our top Boracay Hotels here. Read more… 

Budget Boracay Hotels 3 stars

3 Star Boracay hotelChoosing a budget hotel will help you get the most of your trip for the least amount of money when it comes to affordable accommodation. The price of becoming a castaway needn’t break the piggy bank. In fact, some of the of best budget Boracay Hotels are in 5 star locations.

So save the cash and spend it on the important stuff like the endless activities on Boracay island. That’s the things that will make the memories of your holiday, not the fine cotton sheets or the private spa area. Here are the best budget Boracay hotels that will keep money in your pocket to spend on the good stuff but not skimp on some creature comforts. Read more…

Mid Range Boracay Hotels 4 stars

4 Star Boracay HotelStep it up a notch with an extra star and you get the best of both worlds. Search hotels reasonably price with great facilities and of course you are surrounded by a 5 star island paradise. Most of Boracay’s 4 star hotels  are generally nestled in the center of the island, perfect for easy access to all that this stunning island offers.

These top mid-range Boracay hotels won’t break the bank, but will give you a sense of luxury and class. After taking an in depth look into these great hotels, we found out there some good ones, but there also are some fantastic ones for the same price. Read more..

Luxury Boracay Hotels 5 stars

5 Star Boracay HotelGoing 5 star on your next holiday, is just the icing on the cake when it come to the wonders of Boracay Island. Luxury hotels is something that was lacking a decade back,  but now this end of the market is booming, particularly at the northern end of  Boracay.

With such choice with these new luxury hotels, the option for holidaying on the style side is an easy choice. With this in mind we have had the privileged to stay, relax and review these absolutely fabulous hotels.  To find out what the best of the best Boracay hotel is like, check out our review to fin out more. Read more…




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