Boracay Beach Resort

“The Boracay Beach Resort – A Truly Perfect Location”

Boracay Beach Resorts

The Boracay Beach Resort is located at the heart of Boracay Island located along the famous White Beach. This resort is definitely one of the best Boracay resorts on the island.

Step outside the front door and you’ll be treated to a welcoming vista of Boracay’s White Beach and the surrounding turquiose water . A truly perfect location.

The great thing about this Boracay Resort is the fact that you are amidst the thick of all the partying, shopping and restaurants but if you want a quite island experience you can have that too.

Location is king when it comes to Boracay and the Boracay Beach Resort is where it is at.

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Designed by international architect Mike Batchelor, the Boracay Beach Resort is specifically built to provide holiday-makers with a top-notch 3 star resort with fantastic sized suites and unhindered views of the stunning backdrop that is Boracay Island.

One of the best parts of this Boracay resort is Café del Mar, this bar and restaurant is considered island wide as the ‘chill out bar.’ As a guest of the resort you have unlimited access to the fantastic seafood and cocktails. Holiday-makers from other Boracay Resorts tend to congregate here, so it is a great place to hang out and meet people from all over the world.

The only draw back is there is no pool within the resort to have a quick dip. But when you have got one the best beaches in the world at your door step, it’s something you can live with.

The Rooms

The Boracay Beach Resort offers well-appointed, spacious suites, Boracay-styled bungalows and garden view suites. So the Boracay traveller is truly blessed with options and budget preferences. The great thing about these suites is you have your very own living area, a place for a private breakfast on a veranda overlooking the gardens, or sit out on the patio looking over ocean sipping cocktails.

All these room have a full range of amenities and equipped with a cable TV, DVD player, air-conditioning comfortable bed and mini-bar. Some rooms have a private veranda with garden or a 180-degree view of the world’s best beach beach-front. Simply the best room for the price. No other Boracay Resorts witihn this budget class have such a fantastic range of room options.

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Boracay Beach Resort Room

The Service and the Food

Now, for a 3 star resort this is where this Boracay resort sets it self apart from the rest. The Boracay Beach Resort prides its self on outstanding service with a personal butler/maid for each elegant suite.

This is the ultimate touch of opulence and is designed to cater to your every whim.

Whether it is to organise a picnic, the laundry, or take care of the kids or make sure you are well stocked with cocktails. They have great local knowledge, maybe suggest a good restaurant, get a good deal on an activity or pick you up after a night of partying. They are at your beckoned call.

The food at Café del Mar for breakfast, lunch and dinner is exceptional and situated right out the front. Can’t ask for more than that.

You will find you will spend most of your time here. Guaranteed.

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The Final Word

The Boracay Beach Resort is simply the best in its class. Speaking to other guests within the resort, you will find that many have stayed here numerous times. That speaks volumes on the quality of the resort and its services. After staying here I would definitely come back again without question.