A Clear Boracay Sunset
Boracay Weather – The Best Time to Holiday

As Boracay Island is part of the Philippines Archipelago and is very close to the equator. Boracay island weather patterns are typical of most tropical climates. On average the temperature hovers around the 30°C(88°F) and the humidity on average sits around 75% mark for most of the year.

The Boracay weather pattern is divided into 2 seasons known locally as Amihan for dry season and Habagat for wet season. Boracay weather patterns can literally change overnight but will usually takes about 2 weeks to transition. The main indicator is the switch in wind direction from the cool north-east wind to the humid south-west monsoonal wind. Below we give you the break down of the 2 seasons and when it is the best time to travel to this amazing tropical island.


This Weeks Boracay Weather

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Dry Season(Amihan)

A Beautiful Day on Boracay Island

Boracay Island’s dry season starts in September/October to conclude sometime in May/June. The day time temperature ranges from 25°C to 32°C (77°F -90°F) throughout the season to about March where the temperature will start to rise to April to 28°C-38°C(82°F-100°F).

The coolest part of the year is December with day time temperatures in the high 20s to low 30s. Although quite dry for the most part of the season. The weather in Boracay is not free of tropical storms at this time of the year, although they tend to pass quite quickly.

This season sees beach-goers concentrate on White Beach as the opposing Bulabog Beach recieves high onshore winds, which is when the windsurfing season kicks in.

Wet Season(Habagat)

Boracay Island Storms

The wet season typically starts in June and finishes around September/October. The weather in Boracay in this part of the year will see temperatures climb to the peak in April where temperatures at midday can be as high as 39°C (102°F). With the higher temperatures means higher humidity which can be as high as 90%.

Tropical storms and heavy rainfall are very frequent at this time of the year, although these are mostly at night which will not impact on your day time activities. This time of the year tends to be quiter on the island because of the uncomfortable and unpredictable weather patterns.

Boracay weather patterns tend to dictate what time of the year holiday makers will travel to the island. The high season is in the dryer months from March to May. As these are the busiest months of the year it is very hard to get accomadation in most Boracay resorts.

The price for many Boracay Resorts and Boracay Hotels, meals, drinks and activities are far more expensive in the peak period. This time of the year should be avoided if you are looking for a quiet holiday or if you are on a budget.

Due to the wet and high temperatures of June to September this period is viewed as off-season and rates are generally a lot cheaper. October to early December the Boracay weather patterns are the cooler parts (28°C-32°C) of the year and we think is the best time to have your holiday. Christmas and easter are crazy so do not even bother.




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