Diniwid Beach

Diniwid BeachLocated on the North west end of the island this Boracay beach is another quiet beach to get you away from the noise and commotion of White beach. A short 200 meters walk from the north end of White Beach along Blue Water road. This 200-meter shoreline is accessible through a footpath cut into a rocky cliff which offers fantastic views of the beach.

The lay backed atmosphere is more suited to lazing away while having a picnic or sun-baking, swimming or snorkelling or just simply relaxing. There are a few inexpensive bars and restaurants offering food and refreshments so you do not need to bring a thing.

A hidden extra of this Boracay beach is the climb to the top of the high hill at the northern most end of the beach for a spectacular view of the other great Boracay beaches.

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Ilig-Iligan Beach

Ilig-Iligan BeachIlig-Iligan beach is on the east coast of Boracay Island and has many coves, caves and tiny islets to explore. Stopped by a rocky point at the north end of the beach is typical of all the white sanded Boracay beaches.

This Boracay Beach is accessible by road via motorbike, bicycle or hiking. Outside of monsoon season the sea is normally calm and clear, perfect for snorkelling and offshore Scuba diving trips, with many dive sites situated just of the gorgeous beach.

This very secluded beach offers some that the other beaches don’t. Just a short hike inland through dense jungle to see the many caves where the giant fruit bats reside. The best time to go is at dusk when the bats flood out of the cave for their nightly feed.

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Manoc Manoc Beach

Manoc Manoc BeachSituated near the southern most tip of the island, Manoc-Manoc Beach is in the Village of Barangay. Looking north across the channel to Caticlan against a backdrop of the blue mountains at the northern point of Panay Island.

As the sister beach to Cagban beach which is right next door the steady stream of boats from Caticlan tend to spoil the serene nature of the beach. This Boracay beach is one of the only Boracay beaches where it tends to be quite windy throughout the year. If you are going to go to this beach the western end of the beach is allot quieter. In saying that Manoc Manoc beach is still a stunning beach in its own right.

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Puka Shell Beach

Puka Shell BeachNamed after the Puka shell frequently found here and the second longest on the island, it covers half of the northern tip of the island. Puka Shell beach has the typical white sand (although a little courser) and swaying palms with stronger surf because of the exposed nature of this part of the island.

Accessible by all forms of island transport, Puka beach is 15 minutes from White Beach. The local beach side restaurants at the village of Yapak offer cold drinks, traditional Philippine cuisine, snacks and ice creams. Perfect for a day relaxing on the beach.

To fully appreciate the scenery a banca trip is recommended along these Boracay beaches and around the northernmost point of Lapuz-Lapuz. This being the most rugged and primitive coastline on Boracay island it is very hard to appreciate this from the island.

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Punta Bunga Beach

Punta Bunga BeachPunta Bunga Beach Boracay is just a short distance north of Baling- Hai Beach. Overlooked by sheer cliff tops with rented villas makes this part of the island ideal for having your own piece of Boracay island even for just a short time.

Perfect for a secluded picnic or sunbathing, swimming or beach combing for attractive shells common around this pretty white-sanded beach. This Boracay beach is blessed with seclusion and a slower paced holiday compared to the busy other Boracay beaches. A great place for families with young kids as it is not so busy. So spread yourself out on sugar-white sands and soak in the crystal clear of  this beautiful beach.

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Tulubhan Beach and Tambisaan Beach

Tulubhan Beach and Tambisaan BeachTulubhan Beach and Tambisaan Beach are located further South of Bulabog Beach. These Boracay beaches are small, quiet and secluded with many coves and grottoes. There are plenty of places to escape the heat amongst the shade of the palm trees during the hotter month of February and March.

Both Boracay beaches can be accessed by a short hike from the resorts and villas. Ideal for swimming and relaxing on the white sand. They both offer the slower paced island holiday although not as attractive as the White Beach, many travelers stay around these beaches because it has a peaceful and serene environment.

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