Boracay Beaches Part 1

Boracay is adorned by dozens of silky white sandy beaches that are pretty much the reason why so many tourists flock to Boracay beaches all year round. It is easy to see why these beautiful beaches receive recognition the world round for being the best beaches in the world.

The great advantage of all of these Boracay beaches is that are easily accessible by foot, bike or even by a Banca (a motorised outrigger canoe). No matter what the season it is pretty much beach weather on Boracay Beaches. The temperature gauge hovers around the 30°C (90°F) most of the year. During the dry season from November to April, the west coast Boracay beaches are calm. During the rainy season, from June to October, the east coast Boracay beaches are the calmer spots.

White Beach

White BeachWhite Beach is Boracay Island most famous beach for it’s white powdery sand and also is one of the most photographed beaches in world. The palm-fringed beach stretches 4 kilometres along the western side of the island where the warm turquoise waters of the Sulu Sea laps upon it.

White beach’s popularity is due to its close location of most of the popular hotels, resorts, shops, restaurants, bars and clubs . It is considered the party beach as it is the be seen beach and because of it’s location is very popular day and night.

White Beach is divided into five areas and regularly patrolled by lifeguards which is great for families with smaller children. It is a great beach to unwind and relax with plenty of activities both in and out of the water. You can work on your tan or relax with a massage in the cool shade of the swaying palms or go swimming, snorkeling, windsurfing, sailing and kite surfing.

As White beach is the largest in the group of Boracay beaches and therefore over the peak holiday period between April and May it is extremely busy. If you are looking for a Boracay beach a little more intimate, the below beaches offer a fantastic alternative without compromising the glorious attributes that White beach has to offer.

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Bulabog Beach

Bulabog BeachWhile White Beach takes up most of the western shoreline, Bulabog Beach runs parallel to it on the eastern side of the island. At a length of 1.3 kilomtres, Bulabog offers a great alternative if you want something a little quieter or it is blowing a gale on the western side of the island.

Only a ten minute walk from the western side makes this Boracay beach an easy alternative to the crazy White Beach. Offering the same beautiful white-sand that White beach is famous for. Bulabog beach has less tourists and development is sparse, which is more akin to the laid back attitude of Boracay Island. A small road takes you from the beach to the foot of Mount Luho, the highest point on the island.

The wind blows along the east coast from November to April with the protected water here offers a awesome spot for windsurfing, sailing and kite boarding and is referred as No.1 kite boarding beach in Asia.

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Baling-Hai Beach

Baling-hai BeachThe secluded Balinghai Beach is about a 15 minute tricycle ride from White beach and is surrounded by cliff tops and large rock formations. If there was 100 people on this beach it would be over crowded. Unlike some other Boracay Beaches. This beach is a perfect place to be, as who wants to share their piece of paradise.

In contrast to the busy and sometimes over-crowded White Beach, Baling Hai makes you feel like you are at your own personal Boracay beach. This stunning part of the world is a perfect place for a romantic hideaway or for those who prefer intimacy and peace. One of the best Boracay beaches on the island thats for sure.

With cocktails and food available, this stunning beach is an ideal spot for lazing away, lounging around and a fantastic spot of snokeling at a pace synonymous with Boracay Island.

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Banyugan Beach

Banyugan BeachThis absolutely stunning beach is located near the village of Punt Bunga. Punta Bunga beach is at the southern part of the island and is one of the less known beach in Boracay.

The palm fringed white-sanded Boracay beach is the pick of the numerous beaches on the island by far. The beach offers an easy walk to the other beaches and is quiet and private. The shallow crystal clear waters offer the chance to really explore the corals, the teeming marine life and swim to your hearts content.

A great place to relax and take in Boracay at its best, you can sip cocktails and have lunch beneath swaying palm trees at the Alon Bar, while the kids run and swim without a care in the world.

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Cagban Beach

Cagban BeachSituated at the most northern point of Boracay Island and is one of the most developed beaches on the island. It is the welcome port for Boracay as the boats from Caticlan dock here to supply the island with its steady stream of tourists and supplies.

This beach does not only house the port, it is also home to several hotels and resorts. Because of the transient nature of the port and the resorts it tends to be very busy and noisy. Although not the best beach on the island, it stills offers the white sand, swimming, snokeling and is very convenient if you are staying at the part of the island.

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