Boracay Island

Boracay Island is one of those hidden vacation gems that makes enjoying an exotic beach vacation possible for on any budget.  Boracay beaches are world renowned for their soft, sandy white beaches and year round beautiful weather.  The area attracts tourists from around the world who are looking for an exotic beach vacation that appeals to families, couples, and even singles.

Boracay Island in the Philippines is praised by many travel pundits including Harper’s Bazaar, Yahoo, Tripadvisor, the Sun and the BMW Tropical Beach Handbook as the best beach destination in the world. With credibility like that it is not hard to stand up and take notice of this tropical paradise. And it’s easy to see why.

Boracay Island hosts more than a dozen beaches along with dozens of coves to explore.  The most famous of the Boracay beaches is the four kilometre long stretch known as White Beach. There are many devoted visitors who return to White Beach every year, even a single visit to Boracay Island is enough to make it one of your fondest vacation memories.

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Boracay Island Sunsets

The island itself is found three hundred and fifty kilometres south of the Philippine capital of Manila. Boracay Island is found off of the north-western tip of Panay Island, itself a favourite tourist destination.  Boracay Island is only about seven kilometres long, but it has everything that a visitor could ask for.

The tropical white sand beaches and cool, clear waters of the Boracay Island coastline are the main attraction, but the possibilities for tourists are almost endless.  The island contains attractions that will keep visitors busy for days, or longer if you have the time!

The island offers activities and sports for any taste- hiking and exploring the island are favourites for families, while couples often enjoy venturing into the islands many secluded coves.  For those looking for adventures on the water there is world class scuba diving, cliff diving, skim-boarding, windsurfing, fishing, and kite boarding.  Beach activities such as volleyball, beach hopping, horseback riding, and paddle boarding are popular with people of all ages.

For those looking for a relaxing adult vacation, there is golfing, sailing, mountain biking, and of course, laying on the beach.  The golf course on Boracay island is a world class, 72 par course designed by golf great Graham Marsh.

 Luxurious Boracay Resorts

Accommodations for those who wish to stay on the island range from luxurious hotels to simple hotels that encourage you to get out and enjoy the beach.  The island offers more than 350 beach Boracay resorts, with more than two thousand hotel rooms ranging from basic to pure luxury.

The northern end of the island is the most popular, thanks to the super find white sand, and hotels offer you the chance to walk out to the beach right from your hotel room.  The middle of the island is ideal for couples and singles who are hoping to enjoy the island’s exciting night-life, with a wide range of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

For those on a budget, the southern part of the island offers many very affordable hotels that are within a short walk to all of the island’s attractions. While the island is temperate and beautiful year round, most Boracay hotels offer exceptionally affordable pricing during off-peak times.

Kite Boarding On Boracay

There are also events that attract visitors on a seasonal basis.  The Asian Windsurfing Tour includes a stop at Boracay Island, and there is a week long Boracay International Fun Board Cup competition each January at the beautiful Bulabog Beach.  There is also a well-known Ati-Atihan Festival each year which is held in mid-January.

Dragon boat racing is popular among locals, and tourists can enjoy the annual Boracay Dragon Boat Races which attract teams from all over the Philippines and around Asia in the springtime.  In the summer, the island hosts the Boracay Open Asian Beach Ultimate Tournament, a game of ultimate Frisbee held on the beach.

Visiting Boracay Island is a trip that you will never forget, whether you are looking for a romantic honeymoon spot or enjoy a relaxing family vacation or revel in the hot day activities and sultry night-life. This affordable bit of paradise is the ideal spot for your next vacation.

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