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Boracay Resorts Review

“Amazing Beaches – Amazing Resorts – Amazing Room Rates”

The Boracay holiday-maker is certainly rewarded with an amazing selection of stunning beaches, fantastic Boracay Resorts and the many great Boracay Hotels. Giving you all the essential ingredients you need for a truly great beach holiday. Praised by many travel pundits including Harper’s Bazaar, Yahoo Travel, Trip Advisor and the BMW Beach Handbook as the best beach destination in the world. It’s certainly easy to see why.

Boracay island is fast becoming the most popular tourist destinations in the world. This island is a must if you are a beach lover and searching for sun, fun and adventure. Boracay Island is packed with over a dozen palm fringed, silky white beaches stretching across the warm turquoise waters of the Sibuyan Sea.

Regardless of your budget, there are a multitude of fantastic Boracay accommodation options to suit you and your personal preferences. We have scoured the web to find the most competitive room rates and resort this amazing island has to offer. 

Boracay Resorts

Boracay ResortsWhen it comes to Boracay Resorts, you are absolutely spoiled for the choice and price range. You can do it on a budget or you can skip the expense and go 5 stars all the way.

No matter what your budget or Boracay resorts preference there is one for you. With fantastic rooms, facilities and staff, these Boracay Resorts will make you stay a holiday to remember.

No matter you budget, you can still soak in the amazing experience that only Boracay Island can give you. Here are some of the top Boracay Resorts we think have bang for your buck. Read more…

Boracay Hotels

Boracay HotelsBoracay Hotels are great for all types of holiday-maker, most of the hotels are situated along the 4 kilometers stretch of the aptly named White beach. This awesome location offers a sun drenched beach, exciting activities and most importantly total relaxation.

From 3 star hotels to 5 star hotels we review some of the best Boracay Hotels. Most have spacious accommodation, great facilities and professional service that are a fantastic option for couples and families alike. We have found the best hotels, with the best locations, service and that have all those hidden extras you don’t always read about. Read more…

Boracay Beaches

White BeachWith over a dozen incredible white sandy beaches. Boracay island has been blessed by the beach Gods with the quality of the fine white sand and magnified by warm waters that lap upon it. This is the reason why so many tourist flock to Boracay Island over and over and all year round.

It is easy to see why these beautiful beaches receive the recognition for being the best beaches in the world. No matter what the season it is pretty much beach weather on Boracay Island. So grab your towel, your bathers, your sunscreen, your favorite book and escape those mid winter blues on one of the many truly spectacular Boracay beaches. Read more..

Featured Boracay Resort

Aissatou Beach Resort

Aissatou Beach ResortThe Aissatou Beach Resort situated along Bulabog beach and is built with European style which features set comfortable and spacious rooms that are fully furnished. With each room featuring a large balcony and stunning views over Bulabog Bay, this resort is perfect for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of White beach.

Surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and overlooking the powder white beach of Bulabog. This resort is a favorite of Kit boarders and those who love water sports. Offering a great room rate and personalised service, this 3 star Boracay resort aims to please. Read more...

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